Schedule for Monday's FESCo Meeting (2012-06-18)

William Brown william at
Mon Jun 18 23:52:48 UTC 2012

> I wonder if it would be possible to do it on shutdown instead of during
> start up? 

Perhaps on shutdown, the default shutdown target gets replaced with the
"system update" target, so that this doesn't affect start up speed.

My issue with this is not the concept or the technical merits, but the
user experience. I have spent many hours twiddling my thumbs at windows
and OSX updates for desktop systems that I need to support. I think
there are ways that the updates could be prepared ondisk to make this
process as fast as possible.

I think another idea, is that if the system has btrfs (which will be
default in fedora soon), make /usr and /var subvolumes. Then, when
updates come along, snapshot /usr and /var (maybe even /etc) and do the
updates into the new snapshots since btrfs snapshots are writable. Once
the update is complete, just make the new default subvol for /usr and
/var the newly updated volumes. If people want to roll back, each update
we add a new kernel menu entry that points at different subvolumes
(Similar to a solaris boot environment) This way, Your reboot is
extremely fast and you gain all the benefits of the "offline" updates.
This is similar to yum-fs-snapshot.


William Brown

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