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> As far as QA is concerned it's entirely your decision (as a personal
> note to self, I'll have to update the Deliverables SOP draft). We
> just
> need to know so we know what limit to check against in testing.
> As a personal comment, though, doesn't this seem a little fast to
> make
> the decision? Wouldn't it at least make sense to wait for
> minidebuginfo
> to be implemented, then spin a test KDE image and see exactly how big
> it
> turns out with the current package set? Note that spins are not
> absolutely required to hit their target size at Alpha; it becomes a
> hard
> requirement at Beta stage. So you have up until Beta release to make
> the
> decision, really.

The reason why we start *talking* about it now is that we are quite sure
it's going to a problem for the KDE spin. As QA you know that we are
on the edge of current size limit with every release - we already did
a lot of compromises and with every release more and more stuff is 
pulled into the image :( So MiniDebugInfos aren't the only problem,
just a kick off to move on :)


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