(re)starting of a daemon after package update

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Wed Jun 20 12:37:38 UTC 2012

Am 20.06.2012 14:32, schrieb Björn Persson:
> Michal Hlavinka wrote:
>> Correct approach would be to save state before installation of new 
>> version starts and start dovecot (if flag is set) after old version is 
>> removed - that would mean %postun script. This does not seem to work on 
>> reinstall (the same version is installed) - %postun script is not executed.
> Please also consider what happens when the new version of Dovecot requires a 
> new version of some library. RPM will ensure that both packages are updated in 
> the same transaction, but if I understand correctly it's not until %posttrans 
> that you can be sure that the new library is in place.

one reason more why the cuurent behavior re-starting services
on updates is simply wrong:

* it breaks running services on dist-upgrades

* it breaks coordinated updates/restarts of admins action with
  10,20,30 instances of fedora at the same time

* it breaks security if a depending library is updated
  after the service in the transaction whileyou imply
  for users that they do no longer need to use their own
  brain - t is generallya bad direction giving the user
  a sign that is own brain is longter useful

* it forces coordinated working admin to re-build every
  server package and pacth out the restart-part from SPEC

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