Replacing grubby with grub2-mkconfig in kernel install process

Ben Rosser rosser.bjr at
Wed Jun 20 15:04:01 UTC 2012

On Wed, Jun 20, 2012 at 9:21 AM, Peter Jones <pjones at> wrote:

> I think what's actually needed is a small patch to grubby to make it keep
> track of the bounding block the current default is in and add the new
> bounding block there, so that we don't accidentally change the cosmetic
> properties of the grub2 config file, which seems to be what's causing the
> most aggravation here.  It probably wouldn't be difficult, but if you're
> waiting for me to do it, cosmetics are currently pretty low on my priority
> list.
> So I'd be really glad to see a grubby patch from anybody who's commented
> on this list.  It shouldn't be a lot of code or particularly difficult. If
> somebody wants to work on it, I'd be glad to help them out with any
> difficulties they come across.
The thing is, while I agree this would be a better solution (modifying
grubby to play nicer with grub.cfg), I'm not sure how practical an idea it
is. Adding a new kernel entry to the submenu rather than the top of the
parent menu sounds simple enough, but then we'd also have to replace the
default "Fedora Linux" entry at the top of the parent menu with one for the
new kernel, so the default is the new kernel rather than the old kernel,

And that sounds like it could be done as well, but my concern is that it
should only be done if that's how grub.cfg is set up in the first place.

Which means grubby would need to detect or map the layout of grub.cfg and
then figure out where new kernel entries would need to be inserted into
that layout, and if any older kernel entries would need to be removed (like
the default one in the setup I explained above). And that sounds like it's
a bit more work than a "small patch"... maybe it's not, I don't know. But
it seems to me like it'd be harder to do than you make it sound.

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