Introduction regarding VirtualGL and bumblebee review requests

Gary Gatling gsgatlin at
Wed Jun 20 23:05:02 UTC 2012


As per the instructions at the web page at I
wanted to give a brief introduction.

My name is Gary Gatling and I work at North Carolina State University
supporting Linux in the college of engineering. I mainly work with Red Hat
Enterprise Linux.

I recently I bought a laptop that ended up having optimus hybrid graphics.
This means it has both a discrete and a integrated GPU. I learned that the
people who made a solution for such laptops with nvidia GPUs did not have
packages for fedora or rhel. This made me sad so I decided to try to learn
how to package their software.
Am open to making any changes you guys would need. I know the current
instructions at:
could be made much easier if the software existed in the form of rpm

The packages review requests are at:

Thanks for your consideration, esp considering Linus' remarks lately to
NVidia on this very topic...  :)

Also, sorry if this is a duplicate. I had to change some of my email
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