[HEADS-UP] Rawhide: /tmp is now on tmpfs

Roberto Ragusa mail at robertoragusa.it
Thu Jun 21 08:33:42 UTC 2012

On 06/20/2012 08:06 PM, Brian Wheeler wrote:
> So the default is that I can use 2G in /tmp regardless of how much swap is present if the system memory size is 4G?  So the only way to get more /tmp is to either mess with the max% or buy more ram?

Let's say it in this way:
on a 4GB machine if the application uses the RAM, it works until (4GB+swap),
but if the application uses a /tmp file, it works until 2GB!
...so using /tmp means you have less space... (facepalm)

/tmp has always historically been a place where you dump large data.
Disk size increases faster than RAM size.
Switching disk storage to RAM storage by default is simply wrong.

   Roberto Ragusa    mail at robertoragusa.it

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