DNF Any testing time-frame?

Seth Vidal skvidal at fedoraproject.org
Thu Jun 21 13:51:09 UTC 2012

On Thu, 21 Jun 2012, Ales Kozumplik wrote:

> On 06/20/2012 01:04 PM, tim.lauridsen at gmail.com wrote:
>> Would it not be better to work with yum upstream to make the current yum
>> depsolver more modular so you could plugin another libsolv based
>> depsolver, instead of making a fork of yum and starts trashing the
>> current API. There is a lot more to yum, that just solving dependencies.
>> And making a fork there is not fully compatible will put a lot of work
>> on your shoulders :) without the benefit on the work done by yum
>> upstream :) like parallel download etc.
>> Tim
> Hello Tim,
> Be assured I am in contact with Yum developers and the new features happening 
> for F18 there are planned to be integrated to DNF.
> The decision to fork yum into using libsolv instead of trying to evolve it 
> slowly was a difficult one yet it was the right one. Unified depsolving is 
> only a part of the project, the other primary goal is arriving at concrete, 
> cleaned up API for external applications and plugins. This is very hard to 
> get done without having free hands to refactor, remove, cleanup and change 
> for better testability because in Yum one always has to look behind his back 
> for tricky backward compatibility issues.
> I think the best way to describe the "DNF" project really is as "the next-gen 
> yum". Departing from the old APIs is a part of it. There are little 
> alternatives also: the gradual deprecation of some of the Yum's legacy 
> interfaces hasn't been very successful in the past. Or I could keep DNF under 
> the lid for another one or two Fedora releases, but I find it a better 
> alternative to package this early version: both for those Fedora users who 
> will bravely try it (and hopefully report feedback) and the community members 
> who might join the effort.

  Tim  _IS_ a yum developer. That he felt surprised by this means you've 
only been communicating with yum devs on the internal red hat packaging 
team not in the community channels related to yum specifically. It would 
make good sense if you want to figure out what apis are important/matter 
to discuss this on the yum-devel mailing list at the very least.

I think it would help everyone if the packaging team was a little more 
outward interacting than it is currently.

Not with just a read-only blurb to the fedora features list but discussing 
DNF with other folks who are explicitly in yum development.


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