default DNS caching name server on Fedora ?

Dan Williams dcbw at
Thu Jun 21 15:14:26 UTC 2012

On Thu, 2012-06-21 at 09:32 -0400, Dan Winship wrote:
> On 06/20/2012 07:09 PM, Dan Williams wrote:
> > (also, an aside: why the heck do resolvconf and dnssec-trigger require
> > an interface name???  DNS information has nothing do with network
> > interfaces, despite some DNS info coming from interface-specific sources
> > like DHCP...)
> resolvconf requires an interface name for the same reason NMDnsManager
> does, because it behaves in exactly the same way as NMDnsManager. (It
> keeps track of multiple DNS configurations, merges them together into a
> single resolv.conf, and lets you add new ones and remove old ones in any
> order.) The NM resolvconf plugin is broken in how it uses resolvconf.

NMDnsManager only uses one because it has to pass it to either
resolvconf or netconf, or for logging, or for IPv6 LL address
formatting.  We don't need it for anything else.  The problem with
resolvconf is that it uses the interface for priority rules which you
can modify via config files, so that say "eth0" is always preferred
above wlan0.  The problem with that is that the DNS information is
coming from a *network*, not an interface, and the network which an
interface is connected to can change.  So we don't want to talk about
*interfaces* here, we want to talk about networks instead.


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