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Fri Jun 22 10:42:23 UTC 2012

Hi Everybody,

In fedora 17 we see no compiz, because of some conflicts with
boost-serialization. and of cource new compiz (0.9.x) are really buggy!
show blank screen when you use Desktop Cube and some other really bad bugs.
So i just figure out what other folks in Archlinux did about this, yes they
downgrade package to 0.8.8, i try that, it work really great with no
problem and no library conflict. i suggest to downgrade this package to
0.8.8 and add it to official repo again.
I can't do this because first i need a sponsor or mentor and add another
package to official repository then i become a maintainer and i can have
access to old specs and gits!

Best Regards.

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