Schedule for Monday's FESCo Meeting (2012-06-18)

Simo Sorce simo at
Fri Jun 22 12:56:22 UTC 2012

On Fri, 2012-06-22 at 13:38 +0100, Richard Hughes wrote:
> On 22 June 2012 12:40, Michal Hlavinka <mhlavink at> wrote:
> > Well, there is difference between inhibited reboot and "are you really sure
> > you want to reboot and break your system" questions.
> Is that a joke? [Click here to break your system] is never a good idea.
> > Anyway, what would happen when user press power button or ctrl-alt-delete in
> > yum-update-in-extra-target case? Would it shutdown/reboot (breaking the
> > system) or would it ignore the request?
> If the required systemd features land in time, it would ignore the
> ctrl-alt-del when the package manager is locked.

Oh well, in one of may VMs half of the time systemd ignores my requests
for reboot anyway ... 

How do we make sure that if package manager goes crazy the user still
have a way to reboot his system that is not 'press power button for 5
seconds' ?


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