multilib conflict with doxygen generated pdf

Rex Dieter rdieter at
Sat Jun 23 02:04:30 UTC 2012

Xavier Bachelot wrote:

> On 06/20/2012 04:26 PM, Than Ngo wrote:
>>>>> I think I got this fixed in
>>>>> doxygen- :
>>>>> I'll talk to than about getting a fixed build for f17 too
>>>>> -- rex
>>>> Thanks for all the answers and thanks for the fixed doxygen. I'll try
>>>> to build the package I have issue with for F18 asap.
>> it doesn't effect doxygen-1.8.0 in f17 and i don't plan to update new
>> version in f17 yet
>>> So the newer doxygen doesn't help with the pdf file. I think the issue
>>> is the default header and footer when no LATEX_HEADER and LATEX_FOOTER
>>> are provided in the doxygen-config contain the timestamp. Should that be
>>> considered as a doxygen bug ?
>>  could you please provide a reproduce for this issue?
> This build has the pdf file with a different timestamp in the i686 and
> x86_64 build.

That's not a problem (and won't cause conflicts).

-- rex

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