Self Introduction

Julian Leyh julian at
Sat Jun 23 08:08:31 UTC 2012


I chose Fedora for my new Thinkpad T420s, used Arch Linux on my old Acer.

I'm actively developing in Ada and already packaged a few libraries and
applications for Arch, see

After fixing two bugs in gprbuild (bug report here:, my package for GPS
(an Ada IDE) now builds fine. I already submitted a review request: - without the fixes
for gprbuild you might see a few rpaths left.

I will continue to package Ada libraries that I would like to see on Fedora.

I studied computer science in Germany and work as software engineer.

My GPG Key ID is 04BDB855 and my IRC nick is oenone, regularly seen on
FreeNode in #Ada.

Julian Leyh

If you don't remember something, it never happened...
If you aren't remembered, you never existed...

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