*countable infinities only

Bill Nottingham notting at redhat.com
Mon Jun 25 18:34:15 UTC 2012

Jay Sulzberger (jays at panix.com) said: 
> The issue is so large that it is absurd to allow a small group of
> engineers from Fedora to engage in secret negotiations with the
> Englobulators about the issue.  The small team is not empowered
> by me, nor by millions of others, to give away our present
> practical power to install Fedora on a new x86 home computer by
> putting in a CD, and setting some values in some configuration
> files.

1. Invalid assumption about 'small group of engineers from Fedora'
as if they were working alone in a vacuum. But hey, whatever allows
you to belittle people...

2. You are simultaneously ascribing to Fedora the power
to move the industry despite anything you do, while claiming that they
aren't empowered by you to do so. Given that, why not concentrate your
considerable mailbox filling activities towards whomever has allowed Fedora
the power to move the industry, or whomever you would *like* to empower to
represent you?

This is a development list, after all, not a ranting list. 


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