service restart question

Bill Nottingham notting at
Mon Jun 25 20:11:38 UTC 2012

Paul Wouters (pwouters at said: 
> On Mon, 25 Jun 2012, Tom Lane wrote:
> >Subject: Re: service restart question
> >(1) systemd is not able to distinguish a crash that should be restarted
> >(2) Right now it appears that there is a bug in systemd that causes
> >it to ignore its respawn limits
> >(3) Even if StartLimitInterval/StartLimitBurst were operating properly,
> >there are scenarios where mysqld will fail to start up, but be slow
> >enough about it (like a couple of seconds) that systemd's respawn
> >suppression logic would not get triggered, so it'd keep on restarting
> >In the meantime I'm seriously considering reverting to mysqld_safe.
> Good to know, because I was thinking about the same thing for openswan's
> wrapper script. It's a little more complicated there because it supports
> an option plutorestartoncrash=yes|no. It's really nice for dev's to not
> get a chain reaction of cores, but in production we really want it to
> always restart. I was hoping systemd would support that properly for all
> daemons now via generic options.

I think it's a safe option that systemd would *like* to support this without
external helpers where possible. For your case, Restart=on-abort seems like
what you want?


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