incompatible upgrade of apache traffic server

Jan-Frode Myklebust janfrode at
Tue Jun 26 18:56:24 UTC 2012

I would like to upgrade Apache Traffic Server (ATS) from v3.0.x to new
stable branch v3.2.x. The 3.2 branch has lots of improvements for IPv6
and SSL that are important to me, and also fixes a crash I've been
hitting in v3.0. But, unfortunately there are a couple of incompatible
config file changes, ref:

Only the "SSL certificate configuration" and "HTTP Quick filtering
configuration" needs to be handled by the user (if they are used). The
hostdb and stats-changes can be handled automatically during upgrade.
So, IMHO the incompatibilities are very small, and I believe the
userbase is also quite small. Hopefully I should be able to reach most
users trough the trafficserver-devel and users mailinglist.

Looking trough the exceptions lists on

Things that would make it more likely to grant a request:

  * The package is a "leaf" node. Nothing depends on it or requires
    it. [Applies]
  * The update fixes a security issue that would affect a large number
    of users. [No]
  * The update doesn't change ABI/API and nothing needs to be rebuilt
    against the new version [Applies]
  * The update fixes serious bugs that many fedora users are
    encountering [Applies, fixes segfault]

Things that would make it less likely to grant a request:

  * The update converts databases or resources one way to a new format.
    [internal cache files only]
  * The update requires admin intervention for the service to keep working
    (config file format changes, etc). [Maybe -- if the two relevant
    features are in use]
  * The update causes behavior changes (something that was denied is
    allowed, etc) [No]
  * The update changes the UI the end user sees (moves menus or buttons
    around, changes option names on command line) [No]
  * The update fixes bugs that no fedora user has reported nor would
    affect many fedora users (ie, fixes for other platforms or
    configurations). [No, I've personally hit crashes on EPEL and expect
    the same crash should happen on Fedora]

Will it be OK to do this upgrade in F15/F16/F17, or are we stuck on v3.0 ?

Highlights of this release includes:

* Over 800 commits, and 300 Jira tickets closed since v3.0.
* Several SSL improvements, including SNI (Server Name Indication) and
  NPN (Next Protocol Negotiation). Overall SSL stability is also
* Full IPv6 support, v3.0 only had client side IPv6. All IP related
  plugin APIs are now also IPv6 aware.
* New, flexible configurations for managing inbound and outgoing IP
  addresses and ports. You can now bind any number, and combinations, of
  addresses and ports for both HTTP and HTTPS.
* Range request for large objects in cache are now much (much) faster.
* Several new, and improved, plugin APIs are now available.
* Performance and stability improvements in the Cluster Cache feature.
* Much better performance when proxying to a Keep-Alive HTTP backend
  server connection. Overall cache performance is also significantly
* Several stable plugins are now included with the core distributions.
* Supports all gcc versions 4.1.2 and higher, Clang / LLVM 3, and the
  Intel compiler suite. Builds and runs on Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris and


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