Support for legacy init script actions for systemd services

Tom Lane tgl at
Tue Jun 26 21:50:57 UTC 2012

Bill Nottingham <notting at> writes:
> Better late than never (and thanks to Michal Schmidt), I've added support to
> /sbin/service for running legacy actions if specified.

I'm confused.  Only 2 months ago I was told that this was firmly
against policy and I should get rid of code that assumed it worked
(which, btw, it already did):

Did that packaging guideline get reverted already?

> For each legacy option (such as "xyzzy") supported by your init script (such
> as "frobozz"), package an executable script named:
>   /usr/libexec/initscripts/legacy-actions/frobozz/xyzzy

What do we need to Require: for this?  Is there still a requirement to
hide it in a foo-sysvinit subpackage?

			regards, tom lane

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