Support for legacy init script actions for systemd services

Tom Lane tgl at
Tue Jun 26 22:04:08 UTC 2012

=?UTF-8?B?IkrDs2hhbm4gQi4gR3XDsG11bmRzc29uIg==?= <johannbg at> writes:
> On 06/26/2012 08:49 PM, Miloslav Trma─Ź wrote:
>> The preferred new way is that upstream implements the action in a way
>> that is same across all distributions.  Which, in some sense, does not
>> answer your question.

> First and foremost how big of a problem do you guys believe this?

> Secondly cant we add the rule that packager are required to request 
> permission from fesco to follow what is suggested before they implement 
> it so it can be ensured that it's actually required/necessary for them 
> to do this and at the same time a list gets created and populated with 
> the relevant packages?

The idea seems to be that you'd only implement actions that exist
in non-systemd initscripts.  As long as people adhere to that,
I don't see that we need controls or per-package permissions.  And
I don't really see why people wouldn't.  There are two possibilities
here: a given action is commonly performed via "service special-verb"
on non-systemd platforms, or it's done some other way.  If it's done
some other way elsewhere there is no very good reason not to do it
the same way in systemd-land.  On the other hand, if people are used
to "service special-verb", the only likely result of taking that away
is that they will think systemd sucks and try to avoid platforms that
use it.

Personally, having gotten beat up repeatedly over the disappearance
of "service postgresql initdb" in systemd-land, I think this is a
great idea.

			regards, tom lane

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