Couldn't we enable 256 colors by default on TERM?

Chris Adams cmadams at
Tue Jun 26 22:12:09 UTC 2012

Once upon a time, Pádraig Brady <P at> said:
> The usual way to set/adjust TERM appropriate for the remote system
> is just to use the startup files there. This is what I add to ~/.profile
> on a solaris system for example:

Well, that works when the other end is a system that has a shell and
runs login scripts.  I also SSH to routers, switches, firewalls, etc.,
and I need a recognized TERM there as well.  At least some of the
routers I use recognize xterm-256color, but they don't recognize
screen-256color (although I don't know if this proposal adresses
screen, it would be good to have a general solution).

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