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Simon A. Erat erat.simon at
Thu Jun 28 20:50:48 UTC 2012

Hello everyone

After some massiv rethoughts and rework of my previous Script-Collection
(which used remote properitary files), i renamed it to Script-Tools, and
reduced its output to stdout.

It is considred alpha status.

The coding follows now a strict order to enable manpage generation via
scripts, in the beta phase which will be enabled as soon the developers
section is working (sf code|files, rpm|koji, git :: svn will follow after
beta). But thats for later.

Currently it provides tools to:
* tweak grub2 defaults
* tweak services (missing feedbacks to improve)
* tweak plymouth
* download iso fedora iso files
* a menu to write an iso file to a pluged in usb-device
* Create a tarball of your developer project
* upload current branch code to sf via git
* build rpm
* build koji for selected arch
and much more.

Review Request:

Thank you in advance and kind regards

Simon A. Erat (sea)
FAS: sea
IRC: seasc
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