DHCPv6 *still* broken for F17 alpha

Tore Anderson tore at fud.no
Fri Mar 2 14:22:36 UTC 2012


* Adam Williamson

> If there's a bug against this, it could be nominated as a Beta or Final
> blocker.

Here's a few:


The problem has been known for four straight releases. I say it's time
to fix it, before F17 becomes the fifth.

> It'd be a conditional breach of the 'must be able to connect to the
> network and install updates' criterion - the condition being 'IPv6 only
> network'. So that would mean we'd kick around how significant the 'IPv6
> only network' case is, and whether it's yet big enough that we can
> consider a bug in that path a release blocker. I wouldn't want to
> predict the outcome of such a discussion, but it might well be worth
> having.

+1 for considering IPv6-only significant.

The lack of out of the box support for IPv6-only is really killing any
possibility migrating away from IPv4 in our corporate client networks,
where we have a "bring your own device" philosophy (we don't centrally
manage people's laptops and therefore can't change bad defaults). We
really need to get IPv6 deployed, as we are running dangerously short on
IPv4 addresses - it isn't easy to get additional allocations from the
RIPE NCC these days, either (and in a few months it's expected to be
completely impossible as they'll have none left).

The patches required to actually fix this problem exist and they really
are trivial and non-intrusive. It's not like finally fixing this problem
will delay the F17 release in any way. Heck, I'd wager that the time
wasted on this very thread and the related bug reports are orders of
magnitude more than the time it would take to actually apply the patches
and be done with it.

> Looking forward, we might at some point want to explicitly 'support'
> IPv6 in the release criteria, by specifying that 'connect to the
> network' means all permutations of IPv4 / IPv6 networks should work...

Yes please. Besides, you promised as much in the F12 release notes...

Tore Anderson

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