Automating the NonResponsiveMaintainers policy

Thomas Moschny thomas.moschny at
Fri Mar 2 16:23:27 UTC 2012

Am 2. März 2012 16:56 schrieb Reindl Harald <h.reindl at>:
> what are all these maintainers doing?
> it takes exactly 5 minutes to write a systemd-unit for most
> services

Some packages need a bit more love, especially when the sysv init
scripts did more than just starting / stopping a service., e.g.
creating / migrating databases.

You need to convert that functionality to separate scripts, put those
somewhere (/usr/sbin? /usr/libexec/package?), decide whether to let
the user start them manually (which is a big step back in user
experience), or let systemd run them e.g. via ExecStartPre, and test
the whole thing. And then debug and test again. Not a 5 minute job.

Just my 2ct
- Thomas

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