Automating the NonResponsiveMaintainers policy

"Jóhann B. Guðmundsson" johannbg at
Fri Mar 2 16:32:22 UTC 2012

On 03/02/2012 04:23 PM, Thomas Moschny wrote:
> Am 2. März 2012 16:56 schrieb Reindl Harald<h.reindl at>:
>> what are all these maintainers doing?
>> it takes exactly 5 minutes to write a systemd-unit for most
>> services
> Some packages need a bit more love, especially when the sysv init
> scripts did more than just starting / stopping a service., e.g.
> creating / migrating databases.
> You need to convert that functionality to separate scripts, put those
> somewhere (/usr/sbin? /usr/libexec/package?), decide whether to let
> the user start them manually (which is a big step back in user
> experience), or let systemd run them e.g. via ExecStartPre, and test
> the whole thing. And then debug and test again. Not a 5 minute job.

It takes at least an half an hour per systemd unit file with each 
migration and that's the time is for well written and well behaving 
daemon and well written legacy sysv init script to migrate, performed by 
a man experienced in migrating this...


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