User session printing

Bill Nottingham notting at
Mon Mar 5 17:02:26 UTC 2012

Tim Waugh (twaugh at said: 
> For things like cloud printing, where the print server is a hosted
> service somewhere out in the Internet, I think the applications should
> be talking directly to it (via the print dialog).
> For a plain network printer, where the printer might not be able to
> accept the job while it's busy processing others, you might have to
> queue the job and retry it later.  So if you are doing that as a user
> process, how should that work when you log out, and when the machine is
> restarted?

It waits until you log in again.

> Another issue is that the LPD printer protocol requires the client to
> connect from a privileged port, so it won't work for that without some
> extra hoops.

What % of networked printers are using this protocol these days?


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