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Liang Suilong liangsuilong at
Tue Mar 6 16:51:47 UTC 2012

Hi, all.

I am maintaining FCITX. Some days ago bugzilla reported an issue to me. Fcitx-4.2.0 is
conflicted with scim-fcitx-tools. I do not want to change anything for
Fcitx-4.2.0. I want to retire scim-fcitx.

Here is my reason:

1. Scim-fcitx is an outdated package. The source code have not be updated
for three years. We could make a conclusion that the project is dead. We
should not continue to maintain the dead source code.

2. A few users are using scim-fctix. Most of users have migrated to iBus or
Fcitx-4.x. Scim-fcitx is based on Fcitx-3.x, and it is full of bugs. There
is no need to spend time on it.

3. Fcitx is developed rapidly by Weng Xuetian and his partners. It is not a
IME Engine any mor. Fcitx is a flexible light-weighted IME framework now,
just like iBus. So scim-fcitx should be replaced by Fcitx.

At last, I am not owner of scim-fcitx. I suggest that Scim-fcitx should be
retired. Does anyone help me?

Thank you!

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