Django 1.4 in F17?

Matthias Runge mrunge at
Wed Mar 7 08:47:46 UTC 2012

On 06/03/12 16:58, Kevin Fenzi wrote:
> yeah, this sort of thing comes up sadly.
> I think in the EPEL world the conclusion we came to was:
> - Create a parallel installable 1.4 version, submit for review and
> get added to the collection.
> - Continue to maintain the 1.2 version as long as it's feasible to 
> backport security fixes or the like. Note to the epel-announce
> list that 1.2 is on life support and ask people to consider moving
> to 1.4.
> - When 1.2 becomes no longer possible to support, announce to 
> epel-announce that it's going to end of life.
> - After a while, end of life it.
> kevin
That sounds like a good plan. A short read on the section Backwards
incompatible changes in the release notes [1] list some smaller
changes; it doesn't look like something, what can't easily be fixed.


I'd support updating to 1.4 in fedora and creating a
python-django14-package for EL6.
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