Roadmap for Java things in Fedora

Bill Nottingham notting at
Wed Mar 7 16:34:53 UTC 2012

Stanislav Ochotnicky (sochotnicky at said: 
> I believe it might be nice to get everyone up to speed on what is
> happening in Java world in Fedora and what is planned in near future.
> 1. Packaging guidelines updates
>   - I'd like to add guidelines for packaging compat libraries. Maven
>     already has support for this (see [1]) so I'd like to describe how
>     to package compat things properly. Together with unversioned jars we
>     already have, this is gonna make things easier. I'll add big red
>     "DON'T DO THIS IF YOU DON'T HAVE TO" of course...
>   - Remove mention of maven2 in guidelines since all supported versions
>     have maven-3.x. Some other small cleanups as well perhaps
>   - Add optional use of %generate_javadoc macro that automates
>     generating of javadoc subpackages (already available for a while,
>     not used though :-) )
>   - Update JNI part of the guidelines to reflect current practice. The
>     guidelines are actually out of date for JNI.
>   - If you have things you'd like to include, please do changes directly
>     to [2] and we can discuss them later. We can always revert them if
>     we decide not to do whatever you come up with. Just propose
>     something sane :-)
> 2. Improvements to Maven packaging and creating of Maven repository
>   - Carlo de Wolf is working on new maven macros/extension[3] that
>     would enable us to provide a proper Maven repository to developers
>     so that they can test against our Fedora versions more easily
>   - There are still a few questions that need to be answered, but I
>     believe this will be the future for us barring any catastrophic
>     failures :-)
> 3. Various packaging efforts
>   - JBoss AS 7
>     A F17 feature, a big chunk of JBoss AS 7 has already been packaged,
>     but more packages are still on the way. I am sure Marek Goldman who
>     is the main person driving this effort will appreciate any package
>     reviewers wanting to drop by. See [4] for current status
>   - Resteasy, Picketbox, Hibernate and few other things
>     Work being done by various people on #fedora-java. Currently some
>     work depends on JBoss being packaged so we'll see how it goes. It
>     would be nice to have some real-time status of these things I guess
>     so for the future I created [5].
> If you have something to add, please do so! I CCed fedora-java, please
> post replies to devel@ though :-)    

Any plans for sunsetting GCJ?


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