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Wed Mar 7 00:37:19 UTC 2012

fit, because there is for example a F16FTBFS tracker bug, therefore a
bug for aircrack-ng should have existed.

Nevertheless, missing one mail can easily happen, especially when one
was not regularly online at the time of the mass rebuild. Therefore I
still think it should be mandatory to first file a bug before a package
is removed due to FTBFS issues. And as long as it is possible to create
a list of affected packages to remove them, it is only little harder to
report bugs for them first. Something like this would work:

for package in $(cat packages.txt); do bugzilla new --component $package
--product Fedora --version RAWHIDE --summary "$package fails to build
from source "--comment "$package fails to build from source. Please fix
this, otherwise the package is going to be removed on 2012-04-01. See for more information"

Btw. I just re-built aircrack-ng.


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