Finding package dependencies in repository (was Re: Orphaning a couple of packages)

Eric Smith eric at
Thu Mar 8 05:07:10 UTC 2012

Fabian Deutsch wrote:
> because I no longer use them I am orpahning
> dbh
> muParser
> scidavis 

I wrote:
> I use muParser in Meshlab. I'm not a C++ whiz (as witnessed by my not 
> yet having figured out how to make Meshlab build properly with GCC 
> 4.7, so I'm waiting for upstream on that), so if anyone with better 
> C++ skills wants to take over maintaining the muParser package, feel 
> free, but otherwise I'll do it.

OK, I've taken muParser.  I'll work on updating it to the latest upstream.

Is there a way to query the package database to find out what packages 
depend on a particular package (in this case, muParser)?  I didn't see 
anything obvious.


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