[fedora-java] Roadmap for Java things in Fedora

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> Quoting Garrett Holmstrom (2012-03-08 23:11:26)
> >On Mar 7, 2012 7:54 AM, "Stanislav Ochotnicky"
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> >wrote:
> >>  - Remove mention of maven2 in guidelines since all supported
> >>  versions
> >>    have maven-3.x. Some other small cleanups as well perhaps
> >
> >Is there already a separate set of java guidelines for EPEL? If
> >there isn't
> >does this mean we should create them?
> I am not sure why maven2 part peaked your interest with regards to
> Maven 2 is not present there at all. There is in fact very little
> Java
> world in EPEL and if someone wants to change that: Great! But heed my
> warning: Unless you are one-man-packaging-army, you'll end up crazy
> old
> man/woman before packaging anything useful.
> As far as I am concerned: EPEL follows Fedora guidelines that existed
> at
> the time when RHEL was branched off Fedora. So it might make sense to
> freeze them in some state somewhere for posterity I guess, but I
> wouldn't touch them (much)

There are a number of libraries available in RHEL 6 which should enable enhancing EPEL 6 substantionally as long as one don't depend on maven or is ready to either redo the package build system to use ant (mvn ant:ant might be your friend) or package Maven into EPEL 6 (this is something I think will be too much work). EPEL 5 should be out of question for almost everything java related as the java packaging changed a lot since RHEL 5 release.
P.S. This mail is too not discourage too much from working on EPEL :).


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