More explanation requested for warning about rawhide inheriting updates

Eric Smith eric at
Sun Mar 11 01:22:08 UTC 2012

Bruno Wolff III wrote:

> Rawhide inherits from updates of the most recent branch, which is 
> currently the branched release (f17). Updates will inherit from the 
> release. A package is only inherited if there are no builds for it at 
> the current level.
[and more good explanation]

Thanks!  That's exactly what I needed to know.

> There is a trick to use when you want to make an update for one 
> release that you won't be doing in later releases and where you want 
> to keep the later release versions higher than the update. You can add 
> .1 (or .2 etc) after %{dist}. 

I've seen that done, but didn't know the purpose.  I think it's the 
right case in my situation.  I've updated muParser in rawhide, and am 
pushing updates for F16 and F17.  muParser has a new so version.  
Meshlab depends on muParser, but meshlab currently won't build in F17 
and rawhide due to GCC 4.7 becoming more picky about C++ namespace 
rules.  I'm waiting for help upstream with getting Meshlab to build with 
GCC 4.7, but in the mean time I want to do a rebuild of meshlab for F16 
to use the new muParser.  It looks like I should add the ".1" suffix 
after %{dist}for F16 and push an update.


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