Enet update for Red Eclipse packaging, request for help

Bruno Wolff III bruno at wolff.to
Sun Mar 11 14:45:55 UTC 2012

On Sun, Mar 11, 2012 at 15:22:11 +0100,
  Martin Erik Werner <martinerikwerner at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello, I'm in the process of packaging the game Red Eclipse[0] for
> Fedora (bug #800930[1]), but in order for Red Eclipse to not bundle the
> Enet lib, it needs to be updated from 1.2 to 1.3 in Fedora (bug #739313
> [2]). There seems to currently be only one package depending on
> enet/enet-devel in Fedora, which is egoboo, which does FTBFS on an
> updated Enet (bug #799778[3]).
> Updating the packaging for Enet to 1.3 seems to be trivial (bump
> version, re-download, changelog), and I have created a patch for
> Egoboo[3] which fixes the FTBFS and allows *launching*. I have not
> tested *running* the game with the patch applied (would be great if
> someone with graphics acceleration in Fedora could test ;).
> The current maintainer of both Egoboo and Enet seems busy and has not
> had time to update Enet since a request[2] was filed in Sep 2011. And
> did, at least earlier, say that it would be fine if another proven
> packager took care of it.
> Also worth noting is that Egoboo is outdated in Fedora 2.7.5 vs upstream
> 2.8.1, however this update may introduce (if it's not already there) a
> bad movement key bug[5], making it pretty much unplayable on Linux, and
> I don't think there's a proper beta release for GNU/Linux beyond this..
> I'd like to know how I'd best go about fixing Enet so that I may be able
> to get Red Eclipse into Fedora, are there any proven packagers around
> that may be willing to update Enet and add this patch to Egoboo?

Provenpackagers shouldn't just jump in to doing version updates without
at least trying to check in with the packager.

As it turns out I was looking at doing the same thing as one of the
first steps to clearing the way for 0 A.D. yesterday. I asked to be
a co-maintainer for egoboo, egoboo-data and enet with the express
purpose of update them to 2.8.1 and 1.3.3. I have been granted access
to egoboo and am still waiting to hear from the owner of enet.

Once I have access it will probably take about a week depending on
when I have free time to do this.

Thanks for the heads up about the bug. I hadn't noticed that. I did notice
there is some post 2.8.1 work, but not a release yet. It may be I can
cherry pick a fix out of that work.

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