why are is subversion 1.7 for F16/F17 removed

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Mon Mar 12 19:59:44 UTC 2012

Am 12.03.2012 20:33, schrieb Jon Ciesla:
>>>> He expected that it /would/ be pushed to stable.
>>> Well, yes.  And I can understand that.  But as you said, that's no
>>> guarantee it'll ever hit stable.
>> but what should i do now a half year later
>> i need subversion >= 1.7.0, this was installed
>> until today i upgraded to F16 and worked well
>> currently there is not working >= 1.7.x package
>> for F16 available anywhere
> I'm not sure.  Install the build deps needed to rebuild the f17 SRPMs?

they are NOT solveable for the available src.rpms on F16
that is why it makes me so crazy that once built and
working packages are removed in the meantime

> don't do the testing on productive systems.
> Do the testing in a separate system (or in a VM)

i DO testing in many virtual machines and tests was succesful
how should i imagine that a F15 testing-version will it
make even not in F16  while other packages are RELEASED
as RC and even not updated after upstream-final (dbmail)

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