Mass deduplication and reassignment of ABRT bugs

Miroslav Lichvar mlichvar at
Fri Mar 16 15:35:19 UTC 2012

As a part of the ABRT Backtrace Deduplication Service[1], we are
planning to close and reassign old ABRT bugs in bugzilla. Bugs which
were found to have similar backtraces will be closed as duplicates of
the bug with most CCed users. If the bugs originate from different
components and their backtraces have a common part traced to another
component, the bug may be also reassigned.

We would like to run it sometimes next week, possibly on Tuesday. The
bugzilla changes will be made from abrt-bot at account
and it will close about one third of the currently opened ABRT bugs
with parsable backtrace. You can already see some of the expected
results in the testing bugzilla at

If your bug was closed or reassigned incorrectly, please reopen or
reassign it back, it will not be touched again by the bot.

A full log of the currently planned bugzilla actions is here:



  TOP10 closed as dup:
    315: rhythmbox
    298: nautilus
    171: gvfs
    122: totem
    93: gnome-online-accounts
    93: gnome-shell
    75: control-center
    63: empathy
    58: gnome-panel
    50: notification-daemon
  TOP10 unassigned:
    16: totem
    14: gnome-shell
    12: nautilus
    9: rhythmbox
    5: control-center
    4: brasero
    4: notification-daemon
    4: transmission
    3: gtkpod
    2: tracker
  TOP10 assigned:
    38: gtk2
    17: gstreamer
    14: gtk3
    8: libX11
    7: mesa
    6: cairo
    6: GConf2
    5: gstreamer-plugins-base
    4: python
    4: qt

  TOP10 deduped:
    90: 737640
    51: 658318
    42: 739779
    29: 755772
    29: 717740
    28: 712907
    27: 703242
    23: 660384
    22: 751916
    20: 753369

If you find a suspicious action, please let us know at
crash-catcher at or file a ticket at


The ABRT Team

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