DHCPv6 *still* broken for F17 alpha

Tore Anderson tore at fud.no
Fri Mar 16 18:18:49 UTC 2012

* Dan Williams

> On Wed, 2012-03-14 at 20:47 +0100, Lars Seipel wrote:
>> The current behaviour of tearing down working IPv6 connections is 
>> just painful IMHO.
> If the IPv6 method is "ignore" (which is the current default) then NM
> shouldn't be touching IPv6 stuff on that interface; kernel-assigned
> routes and addresses should be there and untouched by NM.  Is that not
> the case?

For WiFi, no. When timing out DHCPv4 and failing the connection, NM
takes the entire interface, along with any working IPv6 connectivity,
down with it. (Also, on WiFi, it appears the default IPv6 method has
been Automatic for quite some time.)

(Of course, this entire discussion is now moot.)

Tore Anderson

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