Question about commiting the sources

Björn Persson bjorn at
Sat Mar 17 15:14:32 UTC 2012

Pavel Alexeev wrote:
> 16.03.2012 18:38, Jon Ciesla пишет:
> > The upload puts the new sources in the lookaside cache, which is
> > outside of git,
> Long time want ask - why? Why sources not under git too? Is there any 
> troubles with big blobs? Can I point on such files from web? How? 
> Especially I need it to point on my patches to provide it upstream.

You should check in your patches to Git. It's the source tarball from upstream 
that should be in the lookaside cache. The source tarball should normally be 
identical to the upstream one, so better link to the one on the upstream 

To link to a patch you can use a URL similar to this:;a=blob_plain;f=otp-0002-

Björn Persson
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