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Sun Mar 18 07:21:09 UTC 2012

17.03.2012 19:14, Björn Persson пишет:
> Pavel Alexeev wrote:
>> 16.03.2012 18:38, Jon Ciesla пишет:
>>> The upload puts the new sources in the lookaside cache, which is
>>> outside of git,
>> Long time want ask - why? Why sources not under git too? Is there any
>> troubles with big blobs? Can I point on such files from web? How?
>> Especially I need it to point on my patches to provide it upstream.
> You should check in your patches to Git. It's the source tarball from upstream
> that should be in the lookaside cache. The source tarball should normally be
> identical to the upstream one, so better link to the one on the upstream
> website.
> To link to a patch you can use a URL similar to this:
> Remove-rpath.patch;hb=5d2c8835ef0223b3939eb372189625c2a88692b4
Ok, please look say on php-pecl-parsekit:;a=tree
There in sources one patch:;a=blob;f=sources;h=8734d4cfe05323e4e2384902887c23f789dcbf0d;hb=HEAD
it was uploaded as fedpkg new-sources or upload action. Is there any 
chance occur link on php-pecl-parsekit-1.3-php-5.4.patch? Or I should I 
have been done it not as upload source but plain git add and commit? 
Will it allow me then build package? Is there any recommendations or 
"common case"?
> Björn Persson

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