Tom Callaway tcallawa at
Mon Mar 19 14:55:25 UTC 2012

On 03/19/2012 07:49 AM, Matej Cepl wrote:
> On 18.3.2012 21:38, Antonio Trande wrote:
>> So to install this web browser you could try:
>> # yum install  libsrtp
>> # yum --disablerepo=* --enablerepo=fedora-chromium-stable install
>> chromium
>> This operation works for me in the same situation.
> It shouldn't be so ... the last time I cared about V8, we were careful
> to keep version number below the one in the spot's repository.

Someone broke the v8 in the F17+ repo, it is definitely higher than the
one that Chromium wants and it is also miscompiled (at least from a
"what chromium needs" perspective).

However, I suspect that on F17, you're hitting two different bugs:

1) I forgot to increment the libjingle versioned Requires, so you need
to make sure you also do yum update libjingle from my repo.

2) Fedora 17 has a new selinux boolean "deny_ptrace" which is enabled by
default. Chromium (and Chrome) want to ptrace as part of how their
sandboxing works. Unless you run (as root):

   setsebool deny_ptrace=0

Chromium is just going to AVC and segfault.


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