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Wed Mar 7 00:37:19 UTC 2012

spread over way to many places which makes it hard to stay on top. If
you want to be aware of what happens in Fedora land, that you afaics
have to keep an eye on

- this list and at least fab-list
- parts of the wiki, which is really hard (for example there is afaics
no easy way to just follow the pages that are used to track new Features )
- the talk pages to those wiki pages (see yesterdays discussion about
the proposed kernel-module, where I missed to look there)
- the tickets in trac (like the one for Fesco meetings)
- and ideally IRC and some more lists

I have no real idea how to fix this, but I tend to say we need to way
better make sure that important information and discussion get on this
list in a easy consumable way(¹), as that's the only place where
everybody looks. Sure, that can lead to a heated discussion, but then
let's deal with it.


(¹) it for example always annoys me a little bit that there are no
direct links to the trac tickets in which FESCo tracks the issues it
wants to discuss in a meeting -- I know how to find them and it's just
one or two additional clicks, but those are a little bit annoying

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