Rework package groups (was: Summary & minutes for today's FESCo meeting...)

Bill Nottingham notting at
Tue Mar 20 16:14:17 UTC 2012

Christoph Wickert (christoph.wickert at said: 
> Does anybody - except Notting and David Lehman
> actually know what this feature is and how it impacts package
> maintainers or the spins SIG?

package maintainers: it won't, barring the creation of some new metadata
for optional package selection post-install, in which case they'll have to
edit that instead of the comps file.

spins SIG: the groups in the kickstart file might be different. Aside from
that, some of it is still TBD.

> Will groups still be consistent between
> yum and anaconda? Will a user who runs 'yum install @foo' get the same
> packages hat he had gotten wheh he selected the 'foo' group in anaconda?

The groups won't be selected the same in anaconda, but they'll still be


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