RFC: Primary architecture promotion requirements

Jaroslav Reznik jreznik at redhat.com
Wed Mar 21 15:29:57 UTC 2012

> > So probably using Qemu could speed it up quite a lot. Also OBS
> > offers
> > quite a lot of flexibility to decouple arch builds, disable
> > selected
> > archs etc. But I'm not sure about the processes for chain builds,
> > updates, how they make the builds consistent (if one arch fails)...
> All sorts of things can speed it up, most of the Fedora builders are
> currently loopback ext4 over NFS over 100Mb ethernet over USB. Not
> optimal. Add to that 1Gb of RAM and swap the problem gets worse. The
> devices we're looking at have proper SATA ports (not over USB) and
> quad core 4GB RAM and the time to build is an order of magnitude
> faster, and those boards aren't overly stable as they're not
> production level HW so once we get our hands on production level
> versions of that HW we can start to properly test the difference in
> large packages such as gcc, qt, libreoffice and the kernel and will
> be
> able to much better ascertain the impact. I believe that should be
> "soon" although I'm not in direct contact.

It was more argument about real qemu speed from real deployment. Not
bashing the current setup.

It's better to have real data over just talking here :)


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