RFC: Primary architecture promotion requirements

Brendan Conoboy blc at redhat.com
Wed Mar 21 17:36:59 UTC 2012

On 03/21/2012 05:25 AM, Chris Tyler wrote:
> Fully-emulated actually fits into the "Native Builds" guideline, but it
> hasn't been economical to use this approach because there's no hardware
> support for ARM emulation on x86 (the way that there is hardware
> acceleration for x86 virtualization on x86) and it therefore requires a
> very fast/expensive x86 box to emulate a slow/cheap ARM box.

The main place I see ARM emulation being useful is in allowing any 
packager with an x86 host to boot a simulated ARM host to resolve build 
failures in their package.  That's not ideal- ideal is every package 
owner has an ARM system they can use, but it's perhaps a starting point. 
  If other people have feedback on this point I'd be interested to hear 
their take on it.  I think a combination of ARM emulation and providing 
a network-accessible set of test machines will go along way toward 
giving packagers what they need and plan to update the proposal to say 
so, subject to the feedback we get on this point.

Brendan Conoboy / Red Hat, Inc. / blc at redhat.com

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