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Thu Mar 22 15:16:19 UTC 2012


I am Siddharth 2nd year Undergraduate student pursuing M.Sc(TECH)
Information Systems at BITS-Pilani India. I am thorough with languages like
C, C++ and Java and currently learning Python.

I am keenly interested in contributing to the Integrate Proxy Settings and
Network Connections(Locations) project of Fedora Projects for GSoC-2012.

My understanding of the project is that when a user connects to a network,
all settings such as proxy settings, IP settings (if required), sharing
options etc will be saved for each network. So whenever the user connects
to a previously connected network all these settings are automatically
loaded. Thus making networking much more user friendly.

Please suggest me how should I go about the project. Should I straight away
make a proposal and send it across or do something else prior to that.

Any suggestion or advice will help a lot. :)

Thanking you.

Best regards,
Siddharth Mohan Misra.
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