ARM as a primary architecture

DJ Delorie dj at
Thu Mar 22 16:58:23 UTC 2012

> Where is the hardware?

-- development boards --

PandaBoard (dual-core 1GHz, 1GB)
PandaBoard ES (dual-core 1.2GHz, 1GB)

You can buy the above at digikey, they've been shipping for a while.
They come with Ubuntu Desktop, just add keyboard, mouse, and monitor.

Raspberry Pi - slower, but just add keyboard, mouse, and monitor.  I
hear they got 200,000 order requests, far exceeding their first
manufacturing run.  These run Fedora desktop.

-- desktop/server --

Trimslice (dual-core 1GHz, 1GB, internal SATA) - dual display, comes
with Ubuntu desktop, just add keyboard, mouse, monitor(s).  I have one
of these as a public web/git server, and a second for a desktop build
machine (my two run Fedora, of course).  These have been available for
a while now.

I hear OLPC just shipped 60,000 ARM laptops to their first customer.
These run Fedora Desktop.  I have one of these on my desk.

AC100 laptop (toshiba) - I don't know the tech details, but some of us
have Fedora on these.

Also the sheeva/guru/pogo/dreamplug "home servers"

-- near future --

HP Project Moonshot - hundreds of multi-core multi-gb Calxeda
server-grade arm processors in a 4U rack.

We (the Fedora/ARM project) also have some quad-core 4GB server-grade
prototypes in-house, these will be generally available soon.

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