ARM as a primary architecture

Bill Nottingham notting at
Thu Mar 22 18:38:50 UTC 2012

drago01 (drago01 at said: 
> > In my experience, that's way more about the interface than anything else.
> >
> > Take for example a middle schooler  - mine uses a laptop. Not because it
> > runs a desktop OS, not because it runs Fedora, but mainly just because
> > who on earth wants to write a 5 page essay with an on-screen keyboard.
> Which is exactly what I am trying to say as soon as you want to create
> content you want a "real device". (keyboard! & interface)
> In fact the point of a tablet is the interface which suits specific
> use cases very well.

The theoretical 'you' doesn't want a real device, though - they just want a
peripheral to attach to their tablet. (See also: webtop)


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