ARM as a primary architecture

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at
Fri Mar 23 03:03:51 UTC 2012

Peter Robinson wrote:
> But it's not just about computers, I'm very surprised that being the
> KDE advocate you are that you don't want to run your hard work on the
> KDE based Spark/Vivaldi tablet.

I'm not saying devices like the Vivaldi shouldn't be a target. I'm saying
they shouldn't be a PRIMARY target. Those targets is what secondary
architectures are for.

> I don't really see the ARM request to be any different. I could the
> same argument about KDE in terms of the number of desktops that you
> are using about ARM and the number of architectures.

LOL! KDE Plasma Desktop is THE MOST POPULAR desktop environment for

Fedora's current default (GNOME 3) is only number 3 (after KDE Plasma and

        Kevin Kofler

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