ARM as a primary architecture

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at
Fri Mar 23 03:21:16 UTC 2012

Peter Robinson wrote:

> On Thu, Mar 22, 2012 at 2:28 PM, drago01 <drago01 at> wrote:
>> The only ones where this is possible right now are actually x86 based
>> tablets. Even Windows 8 wont help here as MS mandates that the
>> devices are locked with secure boot without having an option to disable
>> it.
> No that is definitely not the case that it is x86 only,

Quite the opposite: M$ rules for "secure" boot are:
* on x86 (or "non-ARM" in their wording) devices, it MUST be possible for 
users to disable "secure" boot,
* on ARM devices, it MUST NOT be possible for users to disable "secure" 
i.e. all ARM devices shipping Window$ will have restricted boot forced on 
with no option to disable it.

        Kevin Kofler

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