H.264 in Fedora 17!

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at chello.at
Fri Mar 23 03:51:51 UTC 2012

Jaroslav Reznik wrote:
> But that's the only way how we can legally point people to the "solution".
> We can't show the PackageKit window saying - now enable the repo we
> shouldn't talk about :D and say install gstreamer-plugins-ugly. In that
> case we can just ship it in our own repos :) On the other hand - we can
> show you the way, we do not agree with (as it's proprietary non free
> implementation), you have to pay - but that's the penalty for not using
> Google :)

We tried that (see Codeina / Codec Buddy). Almost everyone (including me!) 
hated it, and it was quickly replaced by the current solution, where it will 
offer you gstreamer-plugins-ugly if the repository containing it is 
configured and nothing ("no codec found in the configured repositories") if 
it isn't.

I think it's better to offer nothing in the UI and have the user use a 
search engine than to send them to the proprietary option. If they really do 
want the proprietary option, they'll also find it in their search engine. 
But chances are they don't.

        Kevin Kofler

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