ARM as a primary architecture

Jaroslav Reznik jreznik at
Fri Mar 23 08:56:07 UTC 2012

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> Define "do it " as MeeGo is dead and they had to cosy up to Microsoft
> to survive, not sure I'd even wish that on canonical!

In reality, Nokia never started working on MeeGo ;-)

Once we're sooo off-topic (and tablets and cell phones) became the topic,
I think ARM as primary arch is not everything. We are talking about 
usually very constrained (memory, cpu, flash - I know, it's changing)
devices now. You don't need full blown distribution and Fedora is one. We
usually took x86 world as a reason, why we want very well integrated
distro over core platform based approach. And it's a place where meta-
distributions like MeeGo (no community based Mer Project) excels. As 
Qt 5 is approaching, I took a look on theirs SPEC files - even for 
already modular Qt 5 they are aiming even more granularity and it's
true for every other part of Mer system. Yeh, they are not distribution,
they are just core for other projects to build own one. But still - it's
going to be very hard for us to compete on ARM field with them (when
targeting tablets/mobile world).


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