PyXML package - deprecate it?

Marian Ganisin mganisin at
Fri Mar 23 09:45:46 UTC 2012

On Tue, Feb 21, 2012 at 06:48:11PM +0100, Roman Rakus wrote:
> Hi all,
> looks like PyXML package is deprecated since python itself provides
> xml mechanisms.
> When you look deeper,
> python's xml provides:
> "dom", "parsers", "sax", "etree"
> and PyXML provides:
> 'dom', 'marshal', 'parsers', 'sax', 'schema', 'utils', 'xpath', 'xslt'
> So, PyXML duplicates dom, parsers and sax (and looks like python's
> is in better shape). Is any package using marshall, schema or any
> other not in python itself?
> Deprecate PyXML or just remove duplicated parts?

PyXML is not maintained by upstream for many years it should not be used
hence.  Distribution specific PyXML-0.8.4-python2.6.patch included in
srpm is warning of ongoing issues.

Anyway it provides many features which are missing in python stdlib as
far as I know (for example xpath or magnificent HTML-to-DOM reader).

There are alternatives outside of stdlib described here:

(lxml is my personal favorite, however it is not compatible with PyXML and
it isn't pure python).

I believe PyXML should be kept unchanged (my personal code rely on that
as well) but deprecated and its users should be strongly encouraged to
switch to some alternative if stdlib doesn't satisfy their requirements.


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