[Test-Announce] Fedora 17 QA Retrospective page is up

Adam Williamson awilliam at redhat.com
Fri Mar 23 19:47:19 UTC 2012

Hey, everyone. I'm sorry this is late, my bad for not getting it up
earlier. :(

The Retrospective page for Fedora 17 QA is now up:


We use the retrospective page to track things that went well and things
that didn't go so well during the Fedora 17 validation process, and for
tracking ideas we have but don't have time to act on during the rush of
doing validation (that's the wishlist).

Please, add any feedback you have of this type to the retrospective
page! There are instructions on the page for adding feedback.

All feedback is useful, and once 17 validation is done, we'll take a
look at all the items on the page and come up with specific
recommendations for addressing them which we'll file as trac tickets and
work on in the time before Fedora 18 validation starts up. We've been
doing this for a while now and it's turned out to be a great way to keep
constantly improving our processes.

You can look at the previous pages for inspiration:


And I'll copy/paste James' old list of leading questions to prompt
feedback (thanks, James!):

     1. Were you able to participate in any Fedora 17 Alpha, Beta or
        Final test runs?
     2. What worked well, what prevented you from participating, were
        instructions clear?
     3. What worked (or didn't work) well about Fedora Test Days this
     4. Are you a maintainer, why do you think your critpath updates
        haven't been tested?  What could you do to encourage more
        testing of your proposed updates?
     5. Did you escalate any bugs for consideration as
        {Alpha,Beta,Final} release Blockers?  Why not?  Was the process
        well documented and did it make sense?
     6. Did you attend or contribute to any Fedora blocker meetings?
        Why not?  What did you like, dislike?  What prevented you from
     7. Did you find any of the release criteria changes or validation
        test extensions particularly useful or problematic?
     8. Can you think of any obviously important areas we are not
        currently covering in the validation tests and criteria?
     9. Unlimited time and resource ... what do you think the the QA
        team should focus on for Fedora 18 and beyond </pony>
Adam Williamson
Fedora QA Community Monkey
IRC: adamw | Twitter: AdamW_Fedora | identi.ca: adamwfedora

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